Friday, 19 August 2016

The Peoples Democratic Party lacks the moral basis to comment on Nigeria’s present economic ordeal-APC national chairman.

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In a statement issued Thursday, Mr. Oyegun said it was “downright immoral” for the PDP to now put itself up as the saviour of Nigerians.

Mr. Oyegun said Nigerians, who are now bearing the brunt of the economy that was mindlessly mismanaged by the PDP, cannot forget in a hurry that some $15 billion
– which is about half of the nation’s foreign reserves at the end of the tenure of the PDP-led Federal Government – was mismanaged under the guise of the equipping the military.

”What is happening now is clear: Just because the farmer has not checkmated the thief, he (thief) has become so emboldened that he is now making a move to even cage the farmer from whom he has been stealing.

“Nigeria is currently in ICU (Intensive Care Unit), after it was rescued from PDP. Yet, the same PDP has the audacity to constantly pillory the ‘doctors’ trying to save the ‘patient’,” the chairman said.

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