Thursday, 25 August 2016

36-YEAR-OLD man in court for ‘abducting’ teenage girl

He is Ezechi Uwazie, he allegedly abducted a 17-year-old girl, and has appeared before a Surulere Magistrates’ Court, Lagos. READ FULL STORY

According to him, the accused walked up to the girl and presented himself as an importer, who is in search of the place where his goods are kept.

Okoliko said: “The girl, who was sent to the bank by her boss, described how he can get to Cele Bus Stop in Okota, Lagos. The man insisted that she should take him to the place claiming that he was new in Lagos. Suddenly, a man, who is also an accomplice, came to meet the girl, pretending that he did not know the man, suggested that they should accompany the man to the place.

“The girl accepted the offer and they boarded a bus heading to Cele Bus Stop. When they alighted from the bus, they told the girl that they should take a bus heading to Ejigbo, but the girl insisted that she cannot help again.

“When they were at Cele Bus Stop, a man, who noticed that something was fishy, went to a nearby police station to report,’’ Okoliko said.

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