Friday, 26 August 2016

Herdsmen kill seminarian in Enugu in latest attack

Attakwu Akegbe Ugwu community in Nkanu West council area – in Enugu was attacked at dawn by the herdsmen.

Four persons including the husband of the expectant woman, are critically injured, undergoing treatment at the Park Lane Hospital and the Mother of Christ Hospital in Enugu.

A Catholic Church seminarian, Lazarus Nwafor wa killed. READ FULL STORY

According to the villagers’ account, the herdsmen, believed to be Fulani, invaded a family compound with their cows which destroyed crops and property.

A woman in the compound raised the alarm and chased away the cows by sounding a gong. The cows went in various directions on hearing the sound. They are said to be averse to the sound of a gong.

This reportedly did not go down well with the herdsmen who challenged the woman. They were said to have threatened to retaliate. They raided the compound at about 2am.

They reportedly climbed the ceiling from where they jumped into the rooms, using machetes and daggers to attack the occupants, including the seminarian.

The herdsmen were said to have escaped unhurt and when the community’s men stormed their makeshift camp, they were all gone with their belongings.

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