Wednesday, 24 August 2016

INTERVIEW: How I beat others, bagged six awards in US War College – Nigerian Army Colonel, Nengite ---PREMIUM TIMES

Recently, Charles Nengite, a colonel in the Nigerian Army, bagged six awards and emerged second best speaker for 2016 Strategic Officers’ Course at the United States War College. He shares his experience during the programme with PREMIUM TIMES’ Aminu Adamu, in this interview.

PT: In a class of 308 Americans and 79 foreign students that participated in the strategic officers’ course at the USAWC you distinguished yourself by winning six awards and emerging the second best speaker for 2016. Tell us about it.

Nengite: First of all, I did not expect to perform so well partly because I had my apprehensions. But the system is designed to bring out the best in you and it is very fair and so with every task and course requirement I found myself doing very well. At one point I felt I should just seize the moment and give that extra effort that made the difference. One thing I have to make clear is that the college discourages calling someone the best graduating student because in the college, competition is discouraged. Instead participants are encouraged to seek collaboration and team work. At the end you graduate in the class as best graduating student of the college. That way your performance is timeless and you are regarded as a distinguished graduate of the college.

The college provides graduate level instruction to senior military officers and civilians to prepare them for senior leadership assignments and responsibilities. In other words, the college educates current and future leaders on the development and employment of land power in a joint, multinational and inter-agency environment.

The six awards and honours I won are the
distinguished graduate award, the United States Army War College Commandant’s award for distinction in research for my strategy research project “Boko Haram”, establishing an intelligence fusion centre to combat the terrorists”. Others are a recognition award for my efforts at creating awareness for the Sexual Harassment and Response Program (SHARP) and the 2nd place award for the 2016 public speaking competition which is a very tough competition among the student body.

The honours include being the President, International Fellows and Vice President of the entire student body comprising 381 students. These are appointments with very demanding responsibilities. What makes the college awards and honours special was that there were very strict guidelines to win and the process was very transparent. Notable alumni are Dwight D Eisenhower (class of 1928), George S Patton (class of 1932), Ulysses S Grant 111 (class of 1934), and Omar Bradley (class of 1934). Others include Norman Schwarzkopf (class of 1973), President Muhammadu Buhari (class of 1980), and Abdul Fatah Al Sisi (class of 2006).


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