Friday, 9 September 2016

BBOG campaign “It is an act of solidarity for the children".- WOLE SOYINKA

Prof Soyinka spoke was speaking at the 20th anniversary of Halifield Schools, Maryland, Lagos yesterday.

The nobel leaureates faulted the police in there efforts to clamp down on the protest by the BBOG, he said, in his words...

  “It is an act of solidarity for the children. Otherwise, when you stop these demonstrations, you are saying “forget about the children,
because we have important things like reviving the economy, corruption among others, to worry about.” Yes those things are important but ultimately, society is for humanity and when one of us is hurt, we must allow ourselves to protest.” 

“Do not forget the missing girls of Chibok. Democracy is not about campaigning. It is exercising human right. It is about helping the children and the adults build society. Demonstrations cannot be too much as long as those girls are missing. Demonstrations are an act of solidarity. Wherever those girls are today, when their mothers demonstrate, their morale is raised. That is my message to security operatives who get scared of those who are agitating for a cause and tear gas them. They must be treated with utmost respect and must be given their space.


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