Saturday, 10 September 2016

AY’s 30 days in Atlanta makes 2017 Guinness World Records

 30 days in Atlanta was officially recognized by the 2017 Guinness World Records as one of the films with the highest domestic gross in the territories of Bollywood, Nollywood and Hollywood.

AY excitedly broke the news via his social media page during the week. “Warri boy don enter 2017 Guinness World Records with 30 days in Atlanta o. This is the first time ever that the Nigerian film industry which is one of the largest in the world will be achieving such a tremendous success that will be registered by the Guinness World Records since 1955 when it was first published. I’m dedicating this milestone in my career to all the cast and crew of 30 days in Atlanta and also to everyone who went to the cinemas to see the movie when it came out.”

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